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Top Cum Supplements of 2022

These are the top supplements for Increasing Semen Volume and Sperm Quality.

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We have been reviewing Semen Volume and Ejaculation Enhancement Pills for years now, and 2022 brought some interesting changes to the market. Here are the top supplements for Semen Volume and Sperm Quality for 2022.

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#1 Load Boost

This product hit the three most important factors we look for in an ejaculation enhancement pill, the first being increasing semen volume. After taking the supplement for 3-4 weeks subjects noticed considerably increased ejaculation volume. The next factor is increased orgasm intensity which was a common effect. The last effect was overall ejaculation power. Subjects noticed a large increase in the force of their ejaculation with Load Boost. Commonly known to be part of The Holy Grail of Sex the combination of Pygeum, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, and other supportive nutrients make Load Boost a lock as the best semen volume supplement on the market.


#2 Ball Refill

Ball Refill provided subjects with powerful nutrients that have been traditionally used for hundreds of years to support the natural production of semen by your body and help protect your prostate health. Though not related to semen volume Ball Refill contains Maca and Ginseng which have been known to increase sexual drive. Ball Refill is a solid choice.


#3 Thunder Loads

This supplement follows in the Load Boost footsteps by containing Saw Palmetto and Zinc. Subjects saw some increased semen volume but minimal increase in orgasm intensity. There was no noticeable difference in ejaculation power. Unfortunately Thunderloads also contains many ingredients not related to ejaculation enhancement, though can increase sex drive like Maca and Tongkat Ali. Thunderloads is average as far as semen volume pills go, but is pricey compared to the competitors that produce better results.

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#4 Popstar Labs

The newest men's health supplement to the market that we can review is Popstar Labs Men's Health. In our review of Popstar we noticed some great ingredients like Pygeum and Zinc. Unfortunately Popstar lacks many supporting nutrients, for example, Zinc alone can cause a Copper deficiency, so it's best to include with most supplements containing Zinc. Another example of this is the lack of Nettle, which in combination with Saw Palmetto and Pygeum help keep the prostate healthy and avoid early stages of benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH.